Spring In Buffalo

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Spring In Buffalo

“If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.” St. Therese

Here in Buffalo, we know all about the loveliness of spring.  We see those first bright rays of sun and feel a warm breeze and hope is born anew in our hearts!  Winter will not last forever!  As the tulips and daffodils pop out of the ground, we know of the joys of new life and the pains of difficult growth.  We can realize the peace of being who God created us to be, as He created us to be, and that He is faithful.  The work He does in our hearts will be brought to fulfillment, to peace and joy if we open ourselves up to Him.  Here in Buffalo, snow may still come even sometime into May, but whether God chooses to send us sunshine, rain or snow, it all comes with a shower of His grace!




Written by: Kristen