Live A Holy Lent

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Live A Holy Lent

 Ah, Lent. We meet again.

It’s funny to me how when I was younger lent simply seemed to be the time of year to give up chocolate and ice cream, and the more disciplined you were during these forty days was rewarded back to you when Easter came – the more eggs you got, the more well behaved you must have been!

Such a childish thought.

However, on this Ash Wednesday, I find my heart in a very different place with a greater understanding of what lent really is. It’s not a competition of who can give up the most things. It’s not a time to let my pride swoop in and show everyone around me what I can accomplish. It’s not about the reward that awaits me in this world. It’s a time for humility. It’s a time for Jesus. Not for me. What I do these next forty days is not about me at all. In a sense, yes, it is a time to deepen my relationship with Our Lord, but in reality, every day is the time for that. Lent is a special time for me to give back to my Savior who gave it all for me. A time to little myself in light of the Cross. A time to declare that Jesus is really my all in all, my King and my Lord, because nothing on this earth is more important to me than Him.

We let go of things that we have become attached to so that we may strengthen our attachment to the Good Shepherd. We pour out the things that we have used to fill ourselves up, so that we may be filled again from the Chalice. We give back to the Redeemer all that He has blessed us with in our ever day lives, things that we may have just become so used to that we have forgotten what life is like without them. We die for Him because we love Him.

This doesn’t mean we become concerned with how much we are giving up. The focus should be more on the hurt in the sacrifice. What does it cost you? What does it mean to you? You could do something so small that no one around you notices, but you feel it in a big way. Lent is the invitation for us to lay down our life for our Friend. So what is it in your life that can cause you to feel this death? How will you respond to this invitation?

Our prayers are with all of you during these next forty days. May this time of suffering and sacrifice lead you to a deeper union with our Christ Crucified. May you take part in His death so that you may share in the glory of the Resurrection to come!

A blessed and holy lent to you all.


Written by: Lindsey