Hearts Afire

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Hearts Afire

Our hearts were created (though I am no scientist, in fact quite far from it) to pump our life’s blood to and throughout our bodies that we may have the oxygen we need everywhere to live. More than the physical organic functioning of our hearts, its true purpose is far more necessary in order for us to remain fully alive. The human heart created in the image and likeness of God was created to be filled with Christ, that it may love, be loved, praise our Lord and be set aflame to serve. Without this flame of Love, this flame of service, this flame of Christ – the heart is deadened little by little and though it continue beating and is organically alive, spiritually it is filled with a deep poverty.

How often do we ponder our own interior lives, our heart. Self-reflection is a beautiful part of the life of the Catholic. It leads us to a knowledge of our weaknesses, failures and sins – yes. More than this knowledge it leads us to a deeper understanding of love, joy, peace and Christ’s indwelling within us. As we reflect more on this indwelling within us we are then challenged to consider how we live like Christ in our daily lives.

Do I wear my frustrations, ways of thinking differently or even my unnecessary sensitivities on my sleeve or do I wear compassion, self-sacrifice, and the love of Christ there? Often Blessed Mother Teresa spoke of seeing the Face of Jesus in the poorest of the poor, of seeing Christ in them and also being Christ to them. In this self-reflection, do we strive to bring Christ to all people and also to see Christ in them, even when it is most difficult? Is this true flame of my life’s blood flowing out in my daily life or am I resting in spiritual poverty?

Spend some time if you are able in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration and if you can’t make it there reflect on an image of it. Even in the Monstrance the symbol of Christ’s outpouring of love to humanity is present – in the rays that extend from its center, which hold our Lord, body, blood, soul, and divinity.

Now take this meditation of the monstrance and your self-reflection of Christ’s indwelling within you and place your heart into the center of the Monstrance. For Christ is the source and summit of our faith and if we live this each day then He is not only in its center but also comprises the deepest parts of our heart. What in this meditation do you see in your heart and what rays do you see coming forth from it? Not for self-adoration do we make this prayer but for self-reflection. Can my heart be placed where Christ is? Will my heart bring Christ to those I meet? Is Christ my center and deepest recess? Is my heart afire for Christ? Am I aware of His indwelling within me? Is my heart fully alive in Christ?  

Lord, fill my heart anew with your Love. Let it radiate your rays of love, joy, peace, mercy, compassion, and unconditional service. Set my heart aflame that I may do your will and be fully alive in you more and more in all that I do. Amen.


Written by Nicolette