God Is Love

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God Is Love

It’s easy to see how today’s society has managed to push God out of many things we encounter on a daily basis, especially in the media.  Participating in the New Evangelization means re-introducing Jesus back into our culture in the smallest ways.  One thing that I’ve noticed, especially in my own life, is how we fail to realize that ‘Love’ isn’t simply something we do, but rather something that we are apart of – it is much bigger than us.  This understanding is why St. Francis is known as the Seraphic Father.  He was so consumed in the Love all around him that he burned with that love.  If we hope to bring Jesus anywhere, we must first recognize His presence all around us. But how?

Peter Kreeft, in his book, The God Who Loves You, wrote: “False definitions and false ideas about love have devastating consequences in life.  Broken homes, broken hearts, broken societies, broken treaties, our broken world – all result from broken definitions of love….” (pg. 49)  We must begin with the correct definition of “Love”.  God is Love (1 John 4:8) and this love isn’t just a warm and fuzzy feeling or a nice sentiment, it is ‘being’.  Out of the great vastness of His love, He created everything: the air we breathe, the simplicity in the eyes of children, that ray of sunshine that makes us smile (especially for those who live in western New York) and everything in between.  The more we begin to recognize Love in the smallest things, the more we can bring Love to others. Evangelization isn’t just telling people about Jesus, but bringing them into a relationship with Him.  For us, it doesn’t have to be a constant preaching of the Word in speech.  It could be recognizing Love in a beautiful spring day and sharing the joy of that recognition with others.  Joy breeds joy.   The beauty of the life of a Christian is being able to recognize Love in the simple things even on the most difficult day.  Seeing this Love reminds us of our hope and brings us back the joy that is ours.  Peter reminds us to “always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope” (1 Peter 3:15).  By doing this we bear witness to the infinite Love of God and that’s the love that will change the world.


Let us pray for the grace to see God’s love in the world around us and share the joy of that Love with others. 


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Written by: Alycia