Process of Discernment

“The consecrated life proclaims and in a certain way anticipates the future age, when the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven, already present in its first fruits and in mystery, will be achieved and when the children of the resurrection will take neither wife nor husband, but will be like the angels of God”.

                                                                                                     Vita Consecrata, no. 32.


Below is a general look at what the process is for a woman discerning with our community:

  1. Make initial contact with our Vocations Director
  2. Set up a time to visit the community
  3. Attend a discernment retreat
    1. This is a weekend to focus on discerning whether a young woman is called to religious life.
  4. Set up a time for a “Come and See”
    1. This time, ordinarily a week-long, gives the young woman an opportunity to experience a taste of our life and prayer.
  5. Apply for our affiliate program
    1. This period of time, for more serious discernment of our community, immerses the young woman into our daily prayer, ministries and life. The period of time for the affiliate program is discerned by community on an individual basis.
  6. Ask for an application for entrance
    1. Once completed, this application will be prayed with and a decision will be made if the woman is accepted into community.


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“Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what You want me to be – and becoming that person.”

St. Therese of Lisieux