What is your Specific Difference?  To serve the Church through the ministry of the New Evangelization. (For more information on our charism, See Charism and Apostolate).  

  • Our Spirituality:  Flows from the example and spiritual fatherhood of St. John Paul II in his Marian Consecration, zeal for the New Evangelization and promotion of unity.  It is expressed through a special devotion to the Blessed Mother and an intimacy with her Son as Victims of Merciful Love, Adorers of Love Incarnate and Spouses of Love Crucified.  
  • Profession of 4 Vows: The Marian Vow and The Evangelical Counsels (Poverty, Chastity, Obedience).
  • Enclosed/Active Sisters Living Together Under One Roof:  An enclosure in each house that would parallel a cloister, though not canonical in terms, with allowances flexible for ministries.  


What is a Private Association of the Christian Faithful? Is a group recognized and established by the local bishop with a common purpose congruent with the mission of the Church. It is the second stage in a five stage process of becoming a religious congregation.

Who are your Patrons? Our Lady of Fatima, St. John Paul II, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi and Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Will you wear the Habit? Absolutely! To wear the wedding garment of love, out of dedication and consecration to our (future) Spouse, is not only an honor but also a great joy! Currently we wear a simple postulant attire. We will be receiving our habits this summer of 2017!

Will the Sisters live in community? Yes. The Sisters currently live in community and in their communal living embrace extreme poverty, individually owning nothing and sharing all in common to foster complete dependence on the Lord.

Will this community be penitential? Yes. We seek to live a penitential/mendicant life in the present age whileremaining a prayerful and personable witness to those whom we minister to.

Will the order be Contemplative or Active? Both.  We are dedicated through our devotions and Charism to penance and prayer first, and all apostolic works flow from that.  We are currently discerning having both active and enclosed Sisters in the same convent.  

Have you gotten a positive response thus far? Yes. It is amazing how many people see the need for a religious congregation dedicated to the New Evangelization in the United States and even Europe – especially to assist in bridging the gap among generations, cultures, dioceses, parishes, religious congregations, families, individuals, and those Catholics who have drifted away from the Catholic Church or experienced a crisis of faith.

 Do you have any other women discerning joining you in the future?  Yes. However, because we will be beginning our Canonical Novitiate at the end of this summer, 2017, we are waiting to begin the process of discerning with new discerners until our return in the fall of 2018.


Why, sometimes, do you say “community” and other times “congregation”? Our long term goal, based on the call we have felt, is to become a Pontifical Congregation over time. At the beginning, however, we will begin as a religious community until we are eligible to move forward to the next step.


Is my donation tax deductible? Yes. The Marian Franciscans are a New York State Not-for-Profit corporation with a 501c3 status.